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ID Number: 476
From: jrichins2000
Subject: Long Message
Date: Friday, November 09 2001 - 23:52:24

Hey all,

Good to see more and more people
participating in the club. All Lisa Marie fans from across the
world are welcome to post messages here, and I think
there are lots of different Lisa Marie-related topics
that loyal fans can and have talked about.

is one busy lady right now - she indicated as much
in her recent web site chat, as well as in emails to
me. After spending so many hours in our behalf,
shooting, traveling, web-site-designing, I hope she can
find time to get away and relax, soon! (I've given her
my suggestions for a vacation idea or two, but
sadly, I don't think her idea of a vacation and mine are
quite in synch. I mean, c'mon...Who wouldn't enjoy a
couple of orbits around the Earth in ISS

I don't think anyone should worry about photos that
might previously have been on the net and aren't posted
anymore. I think it's pointless to speculate over whether
Lisa had anything to do with the "disappearance." If
we're not careful, we might start implicating a secret
conspiracy to "scrub" the net of certain types of images! I
doubt there is anything so sinister. The selection of
images and videos that Lisa has posted on her site are
FAR MORE than I could ever ask for. But, the
collection of Lisa's modeling work is hardly limited to what
is currently published at Aside
from the light-hearted teasing about photoshoot ideas
I give Lisa during chats, etc., I'm not going to
ask for anything else - who could ever need anything

Just a reminder, Lisa is making a grundel of
appearances this month, and her next web site chat is this
Tuesday, 11 - 12 AM. She says she will have her webcam up
a going soon (maybe not this Tues, I don't know) so
her chats will get even better!

forward to talking with you soon...

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