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ID Number: 478
From: writetoteddy
Subject: Lisa pictures and WebSite
Date: Saturday, November 10 2001 - 06:32:00

I have read and appreciated what you say
Jrichins2000 about the current discussion regarding the
"missing" pictures on M&B.

The point, I personally,
was trying to put accross - and I suspect, most other
members would agree - was the fact that whatever Lisa
felt comfortable doing in her modelling, would still
retain our respect, certainly mine. As for the question
of whether the photos were posted by mistake or not,
I don't really think it matters but has only
inspired the genuine topic of interest, in how far Lisa
would feel comfortable going, that's all. That is why I
suggested that Lisa MIGHT like to put her views to the
club, next time she visits to read the messages from
us, her fans that are surely the reason that she
exists in the capacity of model ! I would certainly be
interested in what she may have to say.

As for
censoring the topics of discussion - a point raised by
another member - I strongly feel that given the respect
that we all have for Lisa Marie, along with the right
to speak as we feel, our only obligation is to keep
it clean, courteous and sincere. I also echo the
suggestion to open fresh Lisa related topics as much as

I wholeheartedly agree with you on the absolutely
stunning photos in Lisa Marie's site.They really do take
your breath away - she is SO beautiful !
I finally
joined a month ago, after waiting for over a year to be
able to join from the UK with my card and as I said to
Lisa in my email to her, it has been really worth the
wait. With now, 77 photo sets, I have a lot of catching
up to do and so I too have more than I could ever
ask for, of the lovely Lisa Marie.

I have not
been able to get the Video clips that have just been
posted and I wondered if anyone else has had trouble, or
could offer any advice on this ? It asks again for my
log-in and then says it can't find the file ! Also,
being new to this site, any advice on how the chats
work would be much appreciated.

Best Wishes to

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