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ID Number: 550
From: raymond756
Subject: Replies
Date: Thursday, December 27 2001 - 11:25:39

And yet another preview picture just three days
after the last one!

msg 564 - I guess that
bunnychaser01 does not like anybody that looks over 18. Even
though Lisa looks younger than she is.

msg 565 -

Set 83 #16 and set 84 #12 would be my 4th choices.

"The Lady in Red" (set 79) is a really good set and I
like the video (#02) that goes along with it (but it
is way too short). I think that she should have
picked the song "The Lady in Red" as the music for the
I agree. My favourites are the ones of me and
Lisa. I think that my favourite of those is the one
taken at Chiller Theatre in October.
HINT -- next
one is April 19-21, 2002 -- you hear that Lisa --
"The Exhibitionist" (set 67). I like it too. The
combination of what the Intro on the old site said, the
Imagery of the set, and my Imagination creates quite a
scenario. Too bad they did not keep the intros to the photo
sets that used to be on her old site, I really liked
them. I wish I had a good copy of image 10. Mine is
corrupt and the one on her site appears to be corrupt
I don't know if I could pick a favourite set at
this time, too many to choose from. I will have to
review them and let you know.

msg 566 - I would
just like to add that she is still stunning, along
with being gorgeous.

msg 567 - I hope so. I
prefer the "natural" (no makeup) look. Along with images
that are not retouched, or not too much. One of the
things that I really don't like are those images that
are retouched a lot, especially those that are
retouched enough to look fake.

msg 569 - I agree
that her best feature is her face and I always have.
As you can probably tell by my choice of favourites
(msg 563).

msg 559 and 561 -
Ok, I thought
about it, but let me take a poll first. Who wants to
buy pics OF ME (not me selling pictures of Lisa or
somebody else) and how much would you be willing to
You can vote anonymously at a poll I set up using the
link below (you can even vote more than

<a href= target=new></a>

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