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ID Number: 557
From: raymond756
Subject: Re: Replies - If anyone has a good copy
Date: Saturday, December 29 2001 - 16:13:15

To be fair I will say that not all my dealings
with tech support have been bad. Sometimes I send them
an email and the problem gets fixed and/or they send
me back positive response within a day or two.
Sometimes I don't get a response, or not a very nice or
helpful one and the problem does not get fixed even after
more than one email, or it may take a month. I just
don't know when I send an email what their response
will be.

As far as the videos go, the time and
file sizes I downloaded are below.
01. 40 sec 6,941
02. 42 sec 7,324 kb
03. 27 sec 4,835 kb
04. 58
sec 10,141 kb
Which is about the size of video
files for those times these days. So, if this is what
you downloaded, I don't think that you are doing
anything wrong.

If you just click and play the
videos, you can only replay them until your browser cache
get cleared out. I'm using Windows and IE and I do a
right-click and 'save target as' to save the videos to my
hard drive and then I can play them from the hard
drive when I want.

I don't know quite what you
mean by "I really wondered if it was worth it. Nothing
much happens !", but I will have a go at it. They do
take a long time to download, especially with a
dial-up connection (which is what I have), but I think
that they are worth it and I hope that she continues
with them. I don't expect to see anything in the
videos that I would not see in the photo shoot.

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