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ID Number: 562
From: raymond756
Subject: Re: Thanks for your advice Raymond756
Date: Monday, January 06 2003 - 17:49:43

>I do really appreciate your advice and
You are welcome - anytime.

> she has a
great personality and a very sweet voice
Yes, I
agree. She does.
> and I wondered if she could
have used the video time to talk to us a little, while
showing off her costumes etc. A little about that
particular location or the shoot in general would be
Good suggestions. Wish I thought of
them. It would be nice to have her actually talking
while being filmed, but a voice-over would be

> I would even like to see a bit of
the everyday Lisa in a "normal" situation.
It doesn't have to be intrusive, sitting in a coffee
bar or walking along the street, y'all know what I
> In fact not so long ago, someone
suggested a video of this nature and here is the perfect
This has been suggested by me, and other
people, more than once and so far nothing. But I am still
not giving up hope. Maybe something is in the works
(or at least we can hope). She could produce a video
tape or even a DVD and put some short "teaser" videos
up on her site. Maybe something new for her on-line
store that is on her web site.

> Please
excuse me for going on but then isn't that what this
club is about!
I don't think that you went on too
long. And Yes, this is what this club is about!

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