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ID Number: 575
From: raymond756
Subject: Re: Photo sets 85 and 82
Date: Thursday, January 03 2002 - 09:56:26

> um...let's just say she's a painter whose
car broke down on the way to a painting job?
(this would explain the dirt grease)
could understand her car overheating...
And when she
tried but couldn't fix it somebody stopped to help her
but they could not fix it either so they gave her a
ride to her job. She is at the place she is going to
paint, that's why her car is not there and it does not
look like a place that repairs cars.

> and
uh...she was hot that day so she didn't bother to wear
then it became REAL hot, so she decided to strip her
It does look hot there, and when you are
working you do get hotter...
Or maybe the following:

I heard about services that will do things like
wash your car or clean your house topless/nude, maybe
she is somebody that will paint your house in the
nude. Or maybe she is delivering a strip-o-gram as a

(I'm working on improving my imagination)

while I am on the subject of stripping, Lisa is the
strip of the day (01/03) at Mac and Bumble.
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