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ID Number: 581
From: jrichins2000
Subject: Re: Photo sets 85 and 82
Date: Thursday, January 03 2002 - 23:57:13

OK, let me explain a few things to you two guys
about "imagination"...

A couple of months ago,
Lisa had a very busy day planned. Contrary to her
given nature, she planned to wake early that morning
hoping she would be able to fit it all in. At 6:00 A.M.,
she poured herself a bowl of Trix ('cause Trix are
for kids and she likes to think she is still a kid at
heart... and besides, that pretentious leprechaun gives
her the creeps).

She spent much of the morning
answering fan email, most of the time, just cutting and
pasting from a text document she uses to answer all the
"mundane" questions like "What's your favorite movie?"
(Jaws) and "What kind of breakfast cereal do you like?"
(Trix, 'cause she lays awake some nights afraid that
that thieving rabbit might get them from her if she's
not careful).

Suddenly, she looked at the
clock, and was horrified to discover that it was already
11:15! She was going to be late for her job interview!
The interview was as a painter's assistant, and she
had high hopes that her extensive experience in the
field of ballet and choreography would leave an

She whirled around the house like a
tornado trying to get ready. Why oh why she had decided
to keep her coveralls rolled up in a plastic sack,
stuffed into the dryer vent, rather than in the sugar jar
like everyone else, she would never know. She was in
such a rush, she wouldn't notice until it was far too
late that she had neglected to grab her underwear...

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