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ID Number: 583
From: jrichins2000
Subject: Re: Photo sets 85 and 82
Date: Thursday, January 03 2002 - 23:58:00

Unfortunately, Lisa had stopped actively
participating in the group discussions long before the topic of
"not-missing-your-exit-while-steering-with-your-foot" was covered. Just as she successfully retrieved a
small nub of a pencil, the words "_aw School" having
been carved away, the other letters so faded as to be
barely legible, she watched as the exit to her job
interview sailed away behind her.

"@#?% @#%!~%&!$%^"
she exclaimed, letting loose a blue streak that
would've made Madonna blush.

Throwing all caution
to the wind, she slammed on her brakes, and executed
a perfect 180. "I'll be damned before I miss this
job interview as a painter's assistant!!" she yelled
at the oncoming cars as they shook their fists and
fingers in her direction.

Unfortunately, the CHiP
Patrolman didn't see it her way. He was so unreasonable,
especially after Lisa called him "Ponch" that she wasn't
even able to cry her way out of the ticket.

suffices to say that, she was late to the interview. "I'm
sorry, Miss Scott, really I am..." the master painter
"Cookie" explained. "You were just too late... I had to
give the job to somebody else..."

"You're just
a monster!!" she cried... "a bad, bad, Cookie

But, despite all her tears and protestations, the job
was lost.

And, ominously, she glanced at her
watch, and noticed it was now 1:58... just minutes
before the hour turned prime!!

"Well," she
thought to herself, "at least I still have time to work
at that Habitat House before I have to get back home
to conduct another online chat..."

And so,
that's what she did.

And you know what, there WAS
a paint mixer at the Habitat House. Just, no one
bothered to bring a rubber mallet to securely seal the
paint cans by pounding on the lids before they were
shaken, and everyone got really, really, painty and wet.
And, it was hot. And, by golly, Lisa DID paint those
electrical boxes in the garage, a nice eggshell gray color,
mostly in the nude.

And, things were good for
Shiva... and Lisa....

After the show..-er Habitat
House service project, Lisa was pleased to take the
whole crew out for ice cream. There were a couple of
the bigger, burlier men who wanted to just make
chocolate chip cookie dough, and eat it raw rather than
cooking it, and watched taped episodes of Oprah.
“Nothings better than eating raw cookie dough, and watching
Oprah wearing soft, satiny lounge wear” they argued.
But, Lisa was hardly impressed. She was very clever
when she pointed out that you can't hardly have a
"cookie" without "cookie-ing" it first.

everyone laughed...

Finally, late at night, after
all the chatters had finally gone to bed, and a new
batch of restraining orders were filed away, Lisa laid
her head on her soft, downy pillow, and thought to
herself, "wouldn't it have been nice if a photographer had
been available to snap some pictures of my day today?
That episode at the circus tryouts was so sensual, yet
classy, it would've been perfect for the

But, sadly, there was no cameraman

or, was there...?

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