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ID Number: 588
From: raymond756
Subject: Re: M&B Gallery
Date: Friday, January 04 2002 - 10:36:39

I haven't had a problem, but I have heard of
others who had.

Using Windows and IE this is the
only procedure I know
I start out at
<a href= target=new></a>
click on 'members/login' (lower left)
which brings
me to the 'backstage index' page
click on 'photo
galleries' (upper right)
which brings me to the 'photo
galleries' page
click on 'm&b' (lower left)
brings me to the 'M&B warning' page (which opens in a
new window on the M&B site, not Lisa's)
click on
'enter here'
which brings me to the M&B gallery index
page on the M&B site

Unfortunately, this is the
most help that I give you. If it does not work,
emanon's suggestions.

Maybe I spoke too soon, tried
it twice. The first time I got in with no problem.
The second time when it transfered me to the the M&B
warning page it came back with the error "The page you
are looking for is currently unavailable."

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