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ID Number: 590
From: raymond756
Subject: Re: M&B Gallery
Date: Friday, January 04 2002 - 19:30:24

> I finally got frustrated and fired up
Internet Explorer (I know, I am one of the very last
Netscape Users on the Planet.)
Personally I
prefer Netscape and I used it for quite a while instead
of IE, but I got frustrated with the way it works
under Windows (resources, abends, slowness,) so I use
IE because it works better under Windows (gee Bill,
I wonder why?). I heard the Opera is becoming the
alternative to IE, and at least some of the MSN sites are at
least partially blocked by people who use

> that removes all ads and virtually all pop-ups
from your browser, making browsing quicker and more
enjoyable. It also has a neat little cookie-managing
Haven't tried it so I can't comment on it, but as some
have said about blockers in general "--a warning: some
sites will not let you in if they sense you are using
Blocker software, after all, they get paid for delivering
advertising." some may even be spyware, especially the free

> Also, regarding the imaginative descriptions of
the photos: I laud the imagination but have to think
that some people really have way too much time on
their hands! :-)
Yea, I guess that some
people do. You talkin' to me?

> My favourite
photos have always been and will always be the ones in
which Lisa is flashing that wonderful, warm smile of
hers. If fact, I even (or especially) prefer her
smiling photos when she is clothed!
I actually
wholeheartedly agree with you about the smile and her being
fully clothed. I have expressed my opinions to her in
email, chats, and when I have seen her in person, along
with messages in this club more than once about her
smile (in fact the first letter I sent her told her
that) and suggested to her more than once that she do
at least one completely non-nude photo set (Not just
swimwear, lingerie, etc - everyday clothes, like something
that you would wear to Home Depot in real life) - with
lots of smiles and other suggestions - like no makeup
- that do not involve nudity, or even sexually
suggestive poses. Others have expressed similar opinions, if
you have time you can search the messages.

as of yet nothing, so we have to work with what we

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