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ID Number: 593
From: yankyboy7
Subject: Re: Re:Non nude photos
Date: Sunday, January 06 2002 - 22:21:30

With or without clothes, Lisa Marie Scott is one
of the world's great beauties. Having been fortunate
enough to have met her just a few months ago, I have to
say that many of the "professional" photos I've seen
simply don't do her justice. She is, one of the most
breathtakingly beautiful women I have ever seen. ( not to
mention the fact that she also has a very sweet
personality too )

I have found many of the fan /
convention photos of Lisa taken in a less formal setting,
where she is dressed more casually & is wearing very
little makeup, come closest to capturing her real

Lets face it, I'm a guy. & I love looking at women
with no clothes on.(lol) Always have & probably always
Lisa's fabulous ( & obviously athletic ) physique is as
close to perfection personified as possible, with
absolutely flawless symmetry. But believe it or not, the
very 1st thing I noticed about Lisa was her face, (
like I said radiantly beautiful ) & having seen her
smile in person, I know exactly what U guys

I would love to see more shots of Lisa's lovely
face alone.

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