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ID Number: 598
From: raymond756
Subject: January Updates
Date: Tuesday, January 08 2002 - 14:35:06

Some of the latest January updates on her
<a href= target=new></a>

For those of you (like myself) who like close up face
shots, you have to check out Wallpaper number 8 -- this
one's a keeper.

The January issue of the
Scrapbook has a very nice picture of her on the beach when
she was 15. Along with others - be sure to read the

From the Backstage Message dated 1/1/2002 - "... We
are having my first webcam chat...I promise...I'm
excited! ..." You will have to read the entire message for
more and other stuff.

Not going to tell you
everything. Other things like the Musings, Behind the Scenes,
Movie Reviews that you can read for yourself. And if
you don't want to read the articles, there are plenty
of pictures you can just look at. And some movies
that you can watch. You will have to supply you own
Popcorn and other refreshments.

Check out her News
& Updates page
<a href= target=new></a>

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