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ID Number: 690
From: raymond756 <>
Subject: Re: Great Model, but her website..... >:-(
Date: Sunday, March 31 2002 - 06:10:44

--- In lisamarie@y..., infinite_evil_2001 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> Personally I thought it was a waste of money. Her Playboy pics are
> far better than the ones on her website.
> And the videos were very dull. She's hot, but I expected a lot
> for $20 than a few t&a shots w/ occassional bush.
> Never will I pay for a nude website again.

I'll take a bite of that apple too, maybe I will bite on worm, on a
hook, be reeled in, hung up, get my picture taken with the person who
captured me, and join them at dinner. ...Sorry, my mind is
wandering.... Back to the subject...

Well, let me tell you my opinion about website style.

Every website has it's own style. If it is single model website,
that model will have their own style which will be reflected in their
website, and if they have any other models featured on the website,
the pictures of the other models will reflect that style.

The same goes for websites not run or dedicated to one model such as
Playboy, Mystique Magazine, Mac and Bumble, etc. Those websites will
have they own style which all the pictures of the various models on
that website will reflect that websites style.

What is interesting is sometimes you will go from site to site and
see the same model doing different style shoots to reflect the style
of that particular website that they are modeling for at that time.
Or to see how an individual model and/or website style has changed
over time.

I happen to like Lisa's style, that is why I am a member of her
site. And to honest, if it was just her pics that I wanted, I could
get them for free (illegally of course) from various places on the
internet. But there is so much more to her site, and to Lisa, than
just pictures.

So, If you don't like her style, that's ok, you tried and didn't like
it and you expressed you opinion (which I would like to see more
people expressing their opinions) and what you said was valid.

However, you said that you will never pay for a nude website again,
and if you are basing that decision on what you saw on just Lisa's
website I think that you are making a mistake. I don't think that
you should judge all websites based on any one website, for as I have
said above that there are many styles out there and I am sure that
there are sites out there that you would like and even pay for that I
would not like, and might even find dull, and would not pay for no
matter what the price.

I wish you luck in finding a website that you like.

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