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ID Number: 701
From: jrichins2000 <>
Subject: Re: Should I pay to be a member at her website just to get a reply to an email?
Date: Friday, April 05 2002 - 04:40:26

I would LOVE to see her in a kilt! (In fact, as I recall, I
suggested something along those lines to her a year or two ago).

Lisa tries to answer every email, but she has said that she will
place a higher priority on email from members. That said, I expect
she will get to your email soon. She told me once she receives 100 -
200 fan emails *daily*. Given the email volume that she sifts
through each day, I suggest that persistence may be your best

In addition, Lisa does have an ID for this club, and does read the
messages here. Sadly, she has been too busy to post here for a
while, but eventually, she will read these posts as well, and you may
get a response that way.

At any rate, if the festival is scheduled soon, say sometime this
summer, then it may already be too late.

(I hope not... I'd love to see Lisa do the Scottish festival, if
only, so she can eat some haggis)

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