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ID Number: 726
From: arlo_speer <>
Subject: Censorship
Date: Friday, April 12 2002 - 15:52:13

I like the fact that the moderators remove off topic posts and those
that advertise sex sites from this board but am troubled by some of
the other censorship of the board.

A couple days ago there were two posts removed, one talking about a
rumor of a friend of a poster dating lisa and I responded with my

Yesterday there were certain rumors posted about Lisa at the mansion
that were pulled.

I like most of the posters here have a huge amount of respect for
Lisa but who are we to dictate what other people hear about her if it
is posted with no mlaicious intent? Remember that no matter what we
may feel about her she does make her living by taking her clothes off
and tittilating men and therefore we have to expect at least some
sexual undertones to many posts.

I for one vote for no censorship of this board unless the post is
totally off topic, malicious or could be seen as compromising her
security. None of the posts that I mentioned did any of the above

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