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ID Number: 728
From: arlo_speer <>
Subject: Re: Stage Name "LISA MARIE" Scott
Date: Saturday, April 13 2002 - 05:24:04

Her real first name is Lisa, I don't believe that Marie is her middle
name but I am not sure and I know that Scott is not her last name.

I hope that anyone who knows her real last name would never post it

As I posted in the post that was pulled, I believe that she
chose "Lisa Marie" because she shares her birthday with Elvis's
daughter and "Scott" because her father is 1/2 scottish. Her real
last name would likelye be either Scottish or German in origin.

--- In lisamarie@y..., "z92801" <z92801@y...> wrote:
> I read recently that someone said her name is not her true name.
> From what I've read in the past 15 years of keeping track of what
> she is up to, "SCOTT" is her last name. But, I'm not sure of her
> first & middle name. Does anyone know for a fact that this is not
> first & middle name? Anywho, who wants to see Lisa in a kilt at the
> Southern California Scottish Festivals. I'm not gonna let up until
> comes & participates at one of these events. Help me to patition to
> get her into it, so us everyday Joes can go see her in person. COME

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