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ID Number: 731
From: jrichins2000 <>
Subject: Re: Censorship
Date: Saturday, April 13 2002 - 15:58:13

Thank you Arlo for voicing your concerns. I may not be able to
resolve them totally, but here is my response:

> A couple days ago there were two posts removed, one talking about a
> rumor of a friend of a poster dating lisa and I responded with my
> theory.
> Yesterday there were certain rumors posted about Lisa at the
>mansion that were pulled.

Yes... I was the one who removed them. I did not take this action
capriciously. In addition, I did briefly confer with other
moderators, including Lisa, before taking the action that I did.
Your post was removed as well, not because it crossed any lines of
appropriateness, but unfortunately, because it included the complete
text of the earlier message.

As to the posts that were removed - they each contained information
relayed second-hand, and which was obtained under dubious
credentials. You have described them as rumours, but they really
amounted to libelous gossip. In various posts - I don't remember
which message numbers - some guidelines have been laid out for what
constitutes an "appropriate" message for this club. Within these
guidelines, all posts are welcome... whether they are from posters
who respect Lisa or not, whether they have malicious intent or not.
The guidelines are basically as follows:

+ No copyrighted material
==>> This horse has been beaten dead, I think, and everyone
understands it.

+ No messages that are off-topic
==>> Once again, everyone understands this. If you're not here to
talk with other fans about Lisa, then you're in the wrong place.

+ No messages that possibly invade the privacy of any member,
including and especially, Lisa.
==>> If anyone managed to publish my real name, or Raymond's credit
card number, or Lisa's home address... well, you can see my point.

There is a difference between information about Lisa that is in
the "public sphere" and which is private. This club can only be
concerned with information that is public. Information only enters
the public sphere by being published, confirmed, or shared by Lisa
herself. Slic_ and I have been fan/friends with Lisa long enough
(and Lisa also knows herself pretty well, I think) that we know
intuitively what info has been in the public sphere for quite a
while. As moderators, the responsibility to make judgements over
what messages contain public knowledge falls to us. It is not a
responsibility that we take lightly.

Let me repeat once again... This club is only concerned with Lisa's
public persona. The moderators will NOT allow this private club to
become a forum for invading Lisa's private life. Her private life is
her own, and is entirely separate from her public persona.

Information regarding her dating habits or what goes on in the
mansion, is NOT public knowledge, even if it were true. Prying eyes
have tried to peek into "The Grotto" for decades... doesn't this
inherently imply that what occurs on Mansion grounds is not
automatically subject to be published. Even the tabloid papparazzi
have a hard time peeking into the Grotto.

>Remember that no matter what we
> may feel about her she does make her living by taking her clothes
> and tittilating men and therefore we have to expect at least some
> sexual undertones to many posts.

Sexual undertones are OK. However, the tone of this sentence seems
to imply that if a person removes their clothing for a photo, they
thereby surrender their rights to privacy. If I'm misreading you,
please forgive. But simply because Lisa has served as the subject of
a rather esoteric art form, that does not give her fans license to
speculate on her private life. Basically, Lisa is a model, not a

I appreciate your comments. I appreciate the fact that the posters
here generally do admire and respect Lisa Marie Scott very much. I
hope my comments have been helpful.

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