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ID Number: 736
From: slicnasty <>
Subject: Re: Censorship
Date: Monday, April 15 2002 - 08:38:10

well said, jrichins.

however, i'd like to add my four cents...which means i'm basically
repeating the rules that were stated several months ago in one of my
previous posts:
-we welcome all posts that involve CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM in regards
to lisa and her work.
however, we will not hesitate to delete any posts that are abusive,
harassing, or just plain disrespectful to lisa.
as previously stated, she occasionally frequents this club and posts
she already has to deal with rude and obnoxious people in "real"
life, which comes with the territory of being a playboy model. as a
result, she doesn't need to deal with it in her own yahoo group (a
forum in which SHE moderates, also).

as far as censorship and the first amendment goes, anyone who
believes that ALL forms of media aren't ultimately
moderated and edited in some way is just fooling themselves.
if you need a quick example, read yahoo's terms of service
under "6. Member Conduct":

'nuff subject please!

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