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ID Number: 760
From: "kevingelarden" <>
Subject: Well, I will get to see her in person in a little over a week
Date: Sunday, May 05 2002 - 18:31:57


I see that there is much talk about seeing Lisa Marie on videos/tv - but as someone who has had the chance to meet her in person many, many times, none of that really comes close to seeing her that way. She might have been a very pretty girl when she first posed, but the years have only made her more beautiful, and the shine in her eyes when she smiles is something any fan should experience at least once.

Lisa Marie was actually the very first Playmate I ever met in person, and she remains a favorite still - the one I have seen most, and finally, last year, getting the chance to truly talk with her/keep her company at a show here in Chicago. Lisa Marie is truly a doll and a half.

Kevin Gelarden

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