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ID Number: 784
From: "kevingelarden" <>
Subject: A wonderful weekend with Lisa Marie
Date: Monday, May 20 2002 - 19:45:15

Hello List. . . .

I had the distinct pleasure of once again seeing the ever so sweet Lisa Marie Saturday and Sunday just past, and I must say that I am still smiling. She is the very first Playmate I ever met in person (at the same show several years ago), and she is now a favorite I look forward to seeing at any show she appears at.

I am not sure if she does monitor either of these lists, but your rose bearing redheaded fan wishes to say "Thank You, Lisa Marie" for a very nice weekend. Just reinforced all the reasons why you have become such a favorite of mine. It was worth the commute just to see you Saturday in that most beautiful of outfits - best word I have is WOW to describe it.

I tell each of you, I don't care how good a resolution your monitor has, what kind of pictures you have ever seen of Lisa Marie anywhere - none of them do her justice. She is a vision, and it is quite the thrill to be captured in her eyes and be smiled upon like only she can.

Kevin Gelarden

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