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ID Number: 807
From: steve8690 <>
Subject: Re: Lisa's updates
Date: Friday, June 07 2002 - 01:10:15

--- In lisamarie@y..., "lmsmystar" <utna@a...> wrote:
> i dont know what to do with this girl. seems like she doesn't
>really want a website. i quit her first website cuase of a lack of
>updates, and now her new website is just the same.

Huh? Lisa's site has usually been updated every week. May was a bad
month, but even then there were a couple of new photosets plus 3 new
videos. I think she got caught short on photosets in May because a
photoshoot she had planned in March got postponed until early May.
Set 106 looks to be from the new shoot so I expect she will resume
her reliable weekly updates now.

> its nice that she has her videos now, but since i only have shitty
>dialup, ive never seen them.

I have a dialup and I download the vids no problem, just takes longer
than on a high-speed.

> theres other models that have websites that you can tell, they
>LIKE to maintain.

When her site first opened in 2000, Lisa was going to law school so
at first she did not seem to be spending a lot of time on her site,
but since the redesign last fall, she has obviously been quite
involved, chatting regularly, posting numerous backstage messages,
etc. Again, May was not a great month for the site, but she's earned
some slack in my book.


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