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ID Number: 853
From: JD Scott <>
Subject: Lisa on Wizard World Friday
Date: Saturday, July 06 2002 - 00:25:01

Damn shame, I personally would of given you an autograph if you had pen &paper handy. But, I'm dead sexy and have hair on my legs & Lisa is dead sexywith no hair on her legs. You do the math. Anywho, there are musicians out therewho'll pull that crap on people & lose fans in the process. Go figure. Guess theydidn't need that particular fan. (think about it)Jackadocius
naditz <> wrote:
Well, I waited in line for 2 hours. Walked around for 3 hours. Did
not see Lisa. Bought some stuff (I didn't need) to pass the time.

Finally gave up and while walking almost out, I spot her walking
around with a friend of hers like a regular customer. I asked her
where her booth was, and she says "No booth today. Just Saturday &
Sunday. Today, I'm just
hanging out with friends."

So then I asked her can I get an autograph. She says "come by
tomorrow." WELL, her website says she would be available on Friday-
Sunday. I took a day off from work. (now i have to work the weekend
to make up the difference. Paid $$$$ for show fee, parking, gas)
only to be told, come back tomorrow?

-Very disappointed

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