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ID Number: 858
From: JD Scott <>
Subject: Girl Next Door?
Date: Sunday, July 07 2002 - 10:07:34

"The girl next door". I've heard this more than once from thisuser group. Who on this planet earth had a Playboy model living next doorthat also enjoys lots of sexual partners in public?Even the homely girl next door didn't get this freaky.You guys are crazy!!!

uncleozzi <> wrote:
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--- In lisamarie@y..., "bigsal47" <precisiontunecs@a...> wrote:
> Yeah, that is one hot interview. Plus she looks really good. From
> the desriptions of her sexual encounters, Lisa seems like she
> enjoys sex and the dangers of sex in public. It is a shame she
> doesn't reveal that kind of stuff on her website. She also seems
> that she has enjoyed numerous partners. Its good to see she has
> honesty to admit these things. She truly is the girl next door.

Was this the US, British (or another) edition of FHM?

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