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ID Number: 866
From: "kevingelarden" <>
Subject: Well put
Date: Monday, July 08 2002 - 19:33:30

I, too, have seen many examples of which you speak of below. Amazing how crass people can be, and Lisa Marie has always handled such with more restraint than I ever could. Lisa Marie is the one Playmate I have met the most (and actually she was the first one I ever met), and over time, I have had the pleasure to help her a bit at shows, and to talk with her. The simple truth is be nice to her, she will be nice to you. And amongst all the models and Playmates I have met, she ranks way way up there in the niceness category. She is a sweetie.

Kevin Gelarden

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From: jrichins2000
Sent: Monday, July 08, 2002 11:38 AM
Subject: [lisamarie] Re: Lisa on Wizard World Friday

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I can't speak to what apparently occured at Wizard World - I haven't
heard from Lisa for a little while. However, I suppose it's possible
that she had a less-than-enjoyable flight, which might explain why
she cancelled her first day at the show. For example, her flight to
Chicago easily could have coincided with the recent violence in LAX.
In fact, her flight could have been made worse by a variety of
factors. Any number of unrelated emotionally-draining factors could
have contributed to her condition on that first day. (I hope she was
not affected by the LAX tragedy).

At any rate, I can testify to some of the rudeness and ignorance that
is inflicted upon Lisa, and which she endures with relative grace and
charm at these shows. I've had a couple of occasions to be with her
and witness what some of her "fans" say and do, and I must say, it's

I've seen guys come up, peruse her photographic wares, and then
blankly tell her to her face that she's not worth what she's
charging. It's common place for "fans" to openly critique and rate
her photos, (For example, "I'm not gonna buy this one 'cause you're
not showing enough pink." Where have we heard this before?) The
number of lame come-ons, the amount of criticism and "advice", and
all the comments that try to reduce her to a cheap commodity, are

My ego would not fare nearly so well as hers.

Perhaps she allows her frustration to slip out a little bit from time
to time... especially in situations that are aggravated by fatigue or
stress. Lisa would never mention any of this, or complain about her
treatment at these shows herself, but I think it behooves all of us
to keep it in mind.

I'm not implying that any specific person has said anything untoward
or disrespectful to Lisa. Just that it does happen from time to
time. The degree to which she is able to show patience and
discretion silently speaks volumes to her innate class and inner

I'm inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt, and chalk up this
recent experience as a rare moment of weakness - the exception to an
otherwise spotless record of friendliness and charm.

I'm sure slic as well can verify what sorts of things Lisa sometimes
has to put up with at these shows.

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