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ID Number: 873
From: legentilhomme <>
Subject: Re: saving pics
Date: Sunday, July 14 2002 - 17:00:18

I, for one, do not think that you should post a way to circumvent
Lisa's wishes.

It is a matter of respect. All of us who are fans say that we
respect her and, if we truly do, as members of her site, we should be
honor bound to cede to her wishes with respect to the way in which
she and her webmasters chose to create her site. While I know that
it is tempting to circumvent this new security measure and am fully
aware of how easy it is so to do, I would encourage you, and everyone
else, to respect Lisa's wishes and not download photos until and
unless a time occurs when Lisa decides that she, once again, is
willing to let her fans possess her photos on their computers.

I, like you, initially thought that the new, added security was
totally unnecessary and potentially counterproductive, but, when I
think about the new exposure that she is garnering due to FHM, as
well as the upcoming calendar, you never know. Remember, Lisa
continually tells us that she is loath to "Go Hollywood". Maybe she
just doesn't want her photos to be floating around in this firmament
known as the internet long after she has hung up her lingerie and
gone on to another career - Who could blame her for that? She may
also be responding to a specific threat to the integrity of her
copyrighted material. We just don't know what her reasons are for
this decision or, for that matter, if she even authorized it or her
webmasters did this on her own (I feel that this is unlikely). Maybe
someone who knows and talks to her IRL can help fill us in.

That being said, I would encourage you and anyone who shares your
concerns and opinions to bring this up with Lisa by email or at her
chat this week. I know that I will, at least, ask her why she has
decided to make the change. Let us not forget that Lisa's members
have the ultimate freedom of choice here - The choice to be a LMS
member or not.

I personally chose to remain a member whether I can download her
photos or not. There is much more to Lisa than a series of pretty

--- In lisamarie@y..., "loohoosuher" <loohoosuher@y...> wrote:
> i don't know when this was implemented but has anyone else who
> subscribes to lisa's site noticed that you can't right-click to
> any pics in the photo gallery?
> obviously, lisa and her webmasters don't want anyone to save their
> pics to their hard drive.
> they probably think everyone will just post them to newsgroups?
> i think she's alienating her true fans who support her site and are
> good-paying members.
> i'll post an easy way to bypass this lame attempt at security as
> as i get some replies to my post.
> i'm curious to see if anyone else is having the same problems. or
> maybe nobody cares?

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