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ID Number: 882
From: writetoteddy <>
Subject: Re: saving pics
Date: Monday, July 15 2002 - 13:17:58

I have also found that you can't right click to download the photos,
here in the UK this morning (Mon 15th July).
Assuming this is deliberate, I am very annoyed about this for two

The first is, maybe personal to me but I have been stretching my
funds in order to remain on LMS website and may have to drop out for
a while but as I have said so often before, I love her to bits and
she does have my respect and loyalty, so to do this to those that are
loyal and just want to keep the pictures for their own pleasure
offline, is very upsetting.

Secondly, we are paying quite a bit for the monthly fee and if you
look in the "Help" section of Lisa's site you will see this -

Q. May I post, publish, upload, reproduce, copy, edit, transmit, or
download any of the images or material on this site?
A. You may not post, publish, upload, reproduce, copy, edit, or
transmit any image or material on without the
written permission of Lisa Marie Scott. Members may download one copy
per image or material for their personal use only. Please see Terms
and Conditions for further information.
This seems plain enough for me -
Members may download one copy per image or material for their
personal use only.
If that clause has changed, it should be withdrawn or updated
otherwise any members joining or re-joining at this stage are going
to be misled.
I suppose we must see if Lisa has anything to say about it. Again, it
would have been honest to bring this to our attention on her site or
even in this club. One member said that he was going to re-join and
now won't because of this.I know others will say that there is more
to Lisa than photos and of course, I agree there is but, Hello - does
anyone honestly believe that the site would even
exist, if it wasn't for the lovely Lisa's pictures !
Sorry Lisa - I still love you but please don't upset your bread and
Telford - UK

--- In lisamarie@y..., "loohoosuher" <loohoosuher@y...> wrote:
> i don't know when this was implemented but has anyone else who
> subscribes to lisa's site noticed that you can't right-click to
> any pics in the photo gallery?
> obviously, lisa and her webmasters don't want anyone to save their
> pics to their hard drive.

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