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ID Number: 89
From: jrichins2000
Subject: Re: Lisa's November Chat
Date: Monday, November 20 2000 - 18:57:22

I haven't been following the bikini survivor
deal, but I seriously doubt that Lisa has anything to
do with it.

I am concerned about her
precisely because I know that she is busy with school, and
certainly had a lot to do last week. However, she (and her
webmistress) was the one who posted the date and time for the
chat, but was unable herself to log in. This is the
reason why I think that something out of the ordinary
must have happened, and I can not help but
(irrationally) fear that something horrible has occured. I guess
it is just human tendency, in the absence of
reliable data, to let your imagination fill in the

If she needs to cancel a chat, I am more than
willing to accomodate - I will be the first person (being
an overworked student myself) to encourage her to
prioritize her studies over anything else.

I just
wish I knew what was going on so that I wouldn't

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