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ID Number: 891
From: JD Scott <>
Subject: hard drive vs. online
Date: Monday, July 15 2002 - 18:09:27

Oh yeah I rant alot as a singer I can't help it. People wanna see the goods from their harddrive regardless of logical reasoning. Who knows, maybe it's easier to wack the willy & close it quicker, than to log off. So as the old ball & chain doesn't catch ya... he he he!!! If I bought a Playboy with Lisa in it, do I still get to take it home?

theosteve1973 <> wrote:
Um, Yeah, lets just ignore Jackadocious's rant...

Optimization might be nice, but the main point is that it costs money to spend time online. If you can download and view, then the time is minimal and acceptable, but if you must not only load but view online, it simply isn't worth the cost (particularly if you have only one phone line. Thanks for understanding, JRichins.

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