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ID Number: 903
From: no_limits916 <>
Subject: Re: Problem Resovled
Date: Friday, July 19 2002 - 14:27:43

For you information if you can view a image in your browser, the
images have already been downloaded to your harddrive (i.e. browser
displays the image from the harddrive after it has been downloaded).
The image file is temporarily held in the browser's cache until it
becomes old and it is replaced with some newer file (when the cache
is full). All the "Save Picture As..." (IE) or "Save Image As..."
(Netscape 4) option allows you to do is copy the image from the cache
to a different location (at which time the image is removed from the
cache - so it is really a move that occurs).

Though I know almost nothing about HTML/JAVA, it doesn't surprise me
that code could be written to prevent the save option from being
displayed, preventing easy saving of the file. But it still can
copied from the cache (where the browser stores it so that it can be
displayed). Finding it in the cache can be a challange sometimes in
IE (Netscape4 keeps it in one directory). The only instance I have
used this trick was in saving images from a webcam (IE stored all the
images in the cache, but Netscape apparently removes the images as
soon as they are displayed). I never needed this trick for saving
regular images from sites. I don't consider this trick unethical, as
long as I am only using the files for my own personal use
(distributing the files would not only be unethical, but illegal).

Monday morning (around 5:45 am) I did notice that the regular menu
(with the Save Image As option) was not immediately appearing on
Lisa's site. Netscape has always had problem with Lisa's site where
once the image is downloaded, the window with the image
repositions/resizes itself but the window is never at the correct
height to contain the whole image. To see the whole image I must
either resize the window (which I don't do because Netscape usually
reloads the image) or scroll the image down to see the rest of it
(which I do do, if I'm not in a hurry, right before I save it for
later full viewing).

Monday morning I noticed that after scrolling the image, the Save
Image As option would appear. I figured it was simply a bug with
Netscape (which is usually the case on many sites). Since I had a
workaround, I figured Netscape was just misbehaving (again) and I
didn't give it a second thought. It never occurred to me that (A)
they were trying to prevent downloads (until I read it here) or (B)
it was a bug at the site (which I think turned out to be the case in
this instance).


--- In lisamarie@y..., theosteve1973 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> I would agree with you that the a site's owner has the right to
conduct the
> site any way they wish, and it is unethical to try to get around
> restrictions. But I also feel that is dishonest to change the
> without alerting the customers, just as I feel it is dishonest to
> restrictions which are not traditional without making it clear
before you sign
> up. I ran into that problem with Tara Caballero's site. Most sites
allow you to
> download the pix from the site. I signed up for Tara's site, and
found that it is
> impossible to download the photos. I assumed it was a technical
error, but
> when I contacted tech support, they told me "why are you trying to
> the images?" I carefully checked out the free tours and sign-up
info, and
> found no indication that the photos couldn't be downloaded. I find
that very
> unethical and dishonest, and immediately cancelled my membership.
> disappointed that Lisa-Marie toyed with the idea of this sort of
> behavior, but I'm glad that she decided against it, and I don't
have to take
> away my business.
> --- In lisamarie@y..., jrichins2000 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> > Anyway, I still support what legentilhomme said in the beginning -
> > may be counterproductive for her website, but I will respect her
> > right to implement whatever restrictions she chooses (so long as
> > is clear about it, first).

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