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ID Number: 928
From: no_limits916 <>
Subject: Re: smaller pics?
Date: Thursday, August 15 2002 - 14:51:18

--- In lisamarie@y..., venadx <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> Does anyone know why are pics on Lisa's site got smaller? Their
> dimensions were appx 585x900, but from Set 106 they're just
> What makes her change that? It was better before, right?

Actually if you look at all the sets, from set 1 to Set 69 they were
only 468x720 (though I didn't check every single set).

Starting at Set 72 (this was after a site overhaul) the pics grew a
little bit, varying from 850x767 to 500x757 on Set 72.

With Set 73, they grew to appx 650x1008. Set 79 had some at
672x1024. Set 80 was around back down 548x1008 to 655x1008 which
continued to Set 89.

Set 90 was down to your appx 585x900 which continued to Set 105
(though one pic, 097_034 was 854x900).

Set 106 to 111 was actually 512x768, before going to 500x750 on Set

This didn't seem to have anything to do with the photographer, so I
suspect it had to do with those reposponsible for running the site.
To me it's not really important (I did notice the size of the pics
change, but it didn't really matter to me).


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