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ID Number: 948
From: naditz <>
Subject: Chicago Glamourcon
Date: Monday, September 30 2002 - 00:36:09

Well, it was my lucky day. I was planning to go on Saturday but
something came up [my boss]. So instead of watching the Chicago Bears
Game, I decided to head down to the show on Sunday.

To my surprise was seeing Lisa getting out of a cab as I walked in.
Turns out she couldn't attend the Saturday show because she was
exhausted from the red-eye flight. I was able to spend a good half
hour with her since the rest of the crowd came the day before.

I guess I should take my boss out for lunch. Oh, and Lisa called
me 'Sweetee'. :)

Her 16 month calendar is a knockout. Get the limited edition if you
can. It has 2 fold outs.

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