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ID Number: 953
From: lisamariescottdotcom <>
Subject: Hi...I am alive and other good stuff :)
Date: Tuesday, October 08 2002 - 04:07:01

Hi everyone!

I know...long time no bad Lisa! I know it's no excuse, but
everything's been so crazy busy since April or so...shows,
travelling, work, and then the calendar took up a lot of my time this
past summer. So lately I've been trying to catch up on emails, work
on the site...we are adding some cool stuff soon and I'm shooting
again tomorrow so I'm excited about that! There's going to be some
really beautiful stuff starting in the next few weeks (not that the
sets are that now but i think you all will like these even

I just got back about two weeks ago from Hawaii (vacation this
time...I needed it!) and that was great! Hard to come back to work
and real life, although after about 11 days I actually did miss los
angeles believe it or not :)....I think I am going crazy! Made it to
Chicago Glamourcon last week and I'm still waiting to hear if I'm
going to Chiller Theatre convention at the end of the month in
NJ...i'll post it on my website if I do.

To answer some of your questions...yes, there is some difficulty with
logging in if you just signed up...we had to replace the harddrive
and something got screwed up a little so we are working on it right
as we speak....shouldn't be more than a day or two from now.

I will promise to check in more often....:)

Check out the new sets and my new musing and behind the scenes for
October :)

Love, Lisa

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