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ID Number: 956
From: lisamariescottdotcom <>
Subject: hello again....
Date: Friday, October 18 2002 - 10:07:35


Just wanted to say that again...:)...yes, do check out the newest
Vanity Fair issue (it is the music issue)...let me know what you
think of the's toward the back's a shot with Enrique
Iglesias...a 2 page spread.

How is everyone?! I am doing good...just got back from Arizona which
was fun...for a friend's sister's wedding....they're Italian so lots
of drinkin and noise :)....Other than that I've been just working and
trying to get caught up on email (finally!)...just shot last week and
I'm working on getting those posted....they are awesome! I think
some of the best yet...they'll be up in about a week or two. Sorry
if some of you experienced difficulty loggin in...we had a hard drive
problem and so for a few days I know people had some problems with
it...but don't worry it's fixed...just typical computer computers but I guess they are afterall just
machines....they are not infallible unfortunately :)

That's it...just wanted to say hi :) Have a great weekend everyone!

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