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ID Number: 99
From: nparkin
Subject: Re: Jade Warriors again
Date: Saturday, November 25 2000 - 18:16:23

I know Lisa did all the shows, David, you've told
me by email, however.. to quote the interview found
at.. <a href= target=new></a> in
the segment where you talk about the models you've
employed as representations of the characters, the text


ComicFan: I understand you guys even have models
for all the lead female characters?

Yes! After we got started, Image suggested some
alternate photo covers -- so we lined up an interesting
team of incredible models. LORISSA McCOMAS is a
beautiuful, fresh-faced Playboy model and Pay Per View TV
staple who portrays Shawna Diaz from EXPOSURE. We'll
ventually turn the row over to NATALIE MATTA, who looks
like she could be Playboy babe Alley Baggett's younger
sister! Natalie is a Hooters girl, believe it or not,
just stunning, and she'll portray Shawna Diaz at the
summer conventions. The blonde Lisa Shannon role is
depicted on photo
covers and at Conventions by Tabatha
Utley, who is Mattel's living BARBIE at toy shows and
such. Last but not least, Exotica magazine cover model
Lisa "Sweet Asia" Wills from Detroit portrays Mike
Deodato's "Deathkiss" character from JADE WARRIORS. We even
have a back-up for her, a truly beautiful young girl
named Brianna Okamoto, also from Detroit.


If anyone saw Lisa Marie Scott mentioned there or in
the original transcript.. Then I'll accept I was

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