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ID Number: 998
From: Morten Petersen <>
Subject: RE: Thanks you all :)
Date: Tuesday, February 25 2003 - 17:42:58

Dear Lisa Marie,
Lovely to hear from you and thanks for the New Years wishes although very late.

No doubt that we all find you are a great woman, yes when you get close to 30 you are no longer a great girl, but a great woman, but what is it that makes us thing you are a great.

Let’s have a discussion guys. Let’s try to put some words on what makes our eyes wish to see more and our desire to go steaming.

For me the real pleasure is your natural body. You don’t look like a pumped blond ready to be roosted like another sucking pig. No offence to the blonds or to the fact of profiting from modern medicine to help the shapes in places, but to grow breasts to the state of explosion can hardly be called natural.

You have a wonderfully shaped body and your looks remain a joy for the eyes and I very much hope you do not go the silicone way, as the joy of the natural and untouched (just an illusion) is what makes me enjoy a woman like you.

I can only with difficulty imagine the joy of your company and it is a certainty that I could stay awake for days and nights just to see your eyes and the softness of your face. Did anyone ever tell you, you have beautiful neck & shoulders? If not they probably just didn’t dear out of intimidation.

I have attached a picture from your Internet site to remind anyone not being sufficiently well familiar with your work that more beautiful and attractive than that is close to being criminal. What a great stimulation for the mind to enjoy your intence look in your eyes saying something like "Come closer, if you dare!". And then my imagination makes me hope your next words will be: “Do you like what I’m wearing?” followed by “You may help me releasing it, I feel a bit warm now”.

Sorry, once again carried away by your picture in my mind.

You seam troubled about your, next to come, 30th Birthday. Well, first of all you should know that real men prefer women to girls and that women are sexually at their top at the age of 35 contrary to men where the top is said to be at 25 years.

So not only do you have the best years in front of you, but you also have a great audience whom will follow you as we too get older and again, only real men prefer women of their own age-group +/- 10 years.

Consequently there is nothing to worry about, just stay yourself and listen too your heart more than your bank account or worse your agent.

Admirationally yours


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