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ID Number: 1036
From: panda94577 <>
Subject: Re: To Bobby and everyone else in the group
Date: Wednesday, May 28 2003 - 07:48:36

I don't know Lisa and have never even met her, but this letter
confirms what I've long suspected...Lisa is as beautiful inside as
she is outside.

I too had a family member with a mental illness (he passed away about
10 years ago). I would pick him up at the home care place that he
lived in and take him out to lunch. Though other people may have
looked at him in a strange way, I was never embarrassed to be seen
with him. He was simply living his life the best way that he could. I
too hope that someday medications will be developed that will allow
all people with mental illnesses to lead normal lives.

What a positive message, Lisa!

Steve (who promises not to say anything more about this in this Group)

--- In, lisamariescottdotcom
<no_reply@y...> wrote:

> I'm sorry for not responding earlier....I do read the yahoo posts
> from time to time and try to post every so often...sometimes,
> though, it is hard with all of my other emails to answer and work
> and so forth. I will try and be better about it, because I do
> hearing what my fans have to say and the feedback that goes on.
> Just bear with my slowness :)
> As for you Bobby :)....I am sorry to hear about the stuggles you
> have personally gone through. I am particularly bad with names,
> although I do think I remember meeting you in San Diego this past
> summer. Honestly, I am actually glad you decided to share with me
> and us your message....I have a close family member who is
> with a serious mental illness and have known several others in
> college who were bipolar. I personally know how hard it can be and
> how frustrating it is dealing with the affects
> people...not only those with the mental illness but also their
> family members and friends. I think it is a good thing to be more
> open about it because only then do we realize how wide spread it
> is....cancer used to be a disease that was heavily stigmatized as
> well...mental illness should not be viewed as something "bad"
> is an unfortunate medical illness...just like having cancer or
> multiple sclerosis. Our culture still doesn't really allow for
> healthy discussion of depression or feelings of suicide....many
> people if you bring it up will act like you are crazy or
> weird ...even if they themselves have thought about it. I don't
> think that's good. It's no surprise that TEd Turner does not wish
> become a spokesperson for mental illness....there is still so much
> of a stigma attached with that declaration. However, the only way
> to eliminate the stigma is to talk about it more and for
> like Ted Turner to be more open about it. It's funny because
> creative people as a group probably have more experience with
> illness than those in non-creative jobs....especially artists,
> musicians, and actresses. I think these celebrities are key in
> being more vocal about it. NOw I am not saying we turn this message
> board into a mental illness board but I don't think either that if
> some one wants to express how they feel and it is not hurting
> that we should speak badly about it.
> I think there are others who may be interested in this convention
> Long Beach so I do not feel any harm in posting it Bobby if you
> would like. In fact, I welcome it. I personally know several
> who would be interested in attending. And even if one doesn't know
> anyone who has experienced mental illness, it can still be a
> rewarding experience. Unfortunately, I do not know Linda Blair the
> actress. Maybe she has a website or an agent that you can contact
> to deliver your request.
> Please try to hang in there Bobby. I know you may feel a burden to
> your family but I can pretty much guarantee that they love you very
> much and do not see you as a burden. I am sure there are many
> others who love you and who would be deeply saddened if you were to
> end your life. I know it must be frustrating and difficult
> sometimes...but you must stick with the hope that it will get
> better. YOu never know what may happen tomorrow or next week or
> year! You never know what mental health research may come up with
> in the near is possible for you to live a
more "normal"
> life in which you would be happy. That is why it is so important
> for people to be more aware of it and for more research to be done.
> All the best Bobby,
> Lisa Marie

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