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ID Number: 1075
From: jrichins2000 <>
Subject: Re: Three Words:
Date: Thursday, July 17 2003 - 17:09:07

Thanks Arlo and Steve for you comments,

You should know that the moderators reject or remove a hefty amount
of spam and other posts every day. The rules for allowing a post in
the club have been stated before and are very clear:

1) Every post must be about Lisa Marie Scott - information about her
career, her website, questions about Lisa, etc. Any post that does
not mention Lisa is immediately deleted.

2) No post may include personal information about Ms. Scott. Her
privacy will be strictly protected in this group.

3) Any post that is patently offensive may be subject to removal as

Some of the posts in recent weeks have violated rule number 1.
However, they were not removed because Lisa herself has responded or
acknowledged them.

Some of the posts seem to include personal information about Ms.
Scott, but since the information in those posts is clearly false,
they don't seem to pose a threat to Lisa's privacy.

Compared with posts that have been removed in the past, none of the
posts are really very offensive - extremely weird, yes, but afterall,
this group is an open forum about Lisa, and if you guys want to make
up funny little stories about Lisa, then whatever.

Personally, I think strait_flush'es stories are at least mildly
entertaining, but in particular, I appreciate that they don't portray
Lisa performing any hard core sex acts, debauching herself, or
committing any crimes, or anything of that nature.

I think I can speak for all the moderators when I say that, provided
you follow the rules above, and keep your posts to a reasonable
length, go ahead and knock yourselves out. Maybe someone should
START a fictional story about Lisa, and then have other's add to it
or whatever...

Just try to keep it in-bounds

--- In, panda94577 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> Arlo...I agree COMPLETELY!!!!!
> Where ARE the moderators of this Group??? They need to do some
> this is NOT an English 101 Group! (and I'm using the word "English"
> very liberally!)
> -Steve
> --- In, arlo_speer <no_reply@y...> wrote:
> >
> > This board is becoming a total waste of time. We are here to
> > and learn about Lisa Marie Scott, not listen to the nonsensical
> > ramblings of a few people who obviously have nothing better to do
> > than spend their time writing third-rate novellas about her and
> > that have nothing to do with reality.
> >
> > Bobbysroom, while I understand that you are using this as an
> > outlet, you should probably find a better venue for it than this
> > forum, as it is highly inappropriate here. I wish you the best,
> > but this group is not the place for either your stories or your
> > highly personal revelations. I do not want to seem cold and
> > unfeeling, but please cease and desist.
> >
> > I would encourage everyone to ignore any post that is overly long
> > and hope that the moderators will remove all of the crap that has
> > been clogging this place of late.

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