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ID Number: 1616
From: killgwbushnow <>
Subject: Re: frustrated/pedestal... (Boycott!!!)
Date: Saturday, July 15 2006 - 09:20:51

Anyone ever stop to think the reason the fans put her on a pedestal
is because she DOESN'T show her "holy" beaver (or much of it).

Personally I'm only a mild past fan of her early work -- her recent
stuff is NOT so great! I won't be signing up again unless there is a
major change in her website quality/quantity/nudity.

Boycott LMScott! (Maybe then she'll get the idea!)

--- In, "Frank" <precisiontunecs@...> wrote:
> You make many vaid points. I think many Lisa Marie fans as a whole
> tend to put her on a pedestal more than any other nude model ever.
> I think Lisa is probably one of the only Playmates from the
> mid '90's to still regularly pose nude. No doubt she is a classy
> woman, and probably one of the best Playmates ever in my mind but I
> think we sometimes forget that Lisa is selling sex. It may sound
> crude or whatever, but we pay our 19.99 a month to see Lisa take
> clothes off, bottom line. I personally love her site, I love all
> the photo sets, the videos, etc. It has also been mentioned here
> numerous times about how Lisa does crop alot of her photos. I
> really didn't notice it until it was mentioned here and going back
> and looking at those photos I can't beleive I missed how much
> cropping is really done. There are some pics where Lisa's legs are
> wide open and her body is in a position where her entire vagina is
> pointing straight at the photographer. So basically the
> photographer and crew of her photo shoots get to see some really
> explicit shots of Lisa, and if you go and look at the photos and if
> they were not cropped they would be at mininmum Penthouse style.
> it does seem that Lisa's vagina is only meant for a select few to
> see and not for the fans she poses for, hopefully one day soon that
> will all change.

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