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ID Number: 168
From: xezactula
Subject: Auction, J.W., Playboy Mention
Date: Thursday, January 18 2001 - 13:07:13

My whole opinion about the auction is that I do
not like the fact that the items start out at $100.
If I was rich or had a lot of money to burn I would
probally buy the items and then have them framed. But then
you run into having to have a girlfriend or wife that
is really accepting of a collection like that. But
the fact is unless you have a shit load of money you
dont stand a chance.

Jade Warriors- Dave and
Mike, I understand how you can get blamed for such
stuff. Is there a Direct way for us to contact Avatar to
bug the shit out of them? As far as your webmaster(no
disrespect intended)if he cant get the job done give him the
boot. Unless he is a good friend then give him a kick
in the ass. Sorry to sound brutal but we all have
our problems, yet we still get our work done. Basicly
all that is happening is fans and customers will get
discouraged and move on.

Lisa was mentioned in the
latest Playboy. The one with the overused Anna Nicole
Smith on the cover. Playboy is starting to get so bad
that the only women in it are either Anna, Pamela
Anderson Lee, or anybody that Hef is screwing. Anyways she
is mentioned in the Playmate news, but it is really
old info about the video that she did while on
vacation. We all heard about that 4 or 5 months ago. Whats
up with the fact that PB never has her birthday
listed when Feb Comes around?

Sorry this is so

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