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ID Number: 1883
From: stinkyprevert <>
Subject: Is the site pretty much shut down? No updates at all.... what a wench!
Date: Thursday, February 07 2008 - 03:22:31

No updates to the website... All sets w/in the last couple of years it
seems have been re-hashed old sets.

Did she die? Get pregnant? Married? Quit? Gained 50 lbs? Get in a
car wreck and become horribly disfigured? Is she in prison for drunk
driving? Has she left the country and joined Al Quaida? I mean,
what's up with this wench and why the hell has she been so cold as to
give no replies or updated info. Not even a "so long and thanks for
all the cash, suckas." Argh. She deserves all of the above things to
happen to her in reverse order!

So... "happy birthday, Lisa"????? I don't think so!

--- In, "Raymond" <raymond756@...> wrote:
> For The Birthday Girl
> Happy Birthday Lisa
> May be this be the best one yet -
> And may this year be better than the last
> Here is something for your birthday.

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