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ID Number: 200
From: slicnasty
Subject: Re: i warned everyone in my last post...
Date: Sunday, February 04 2001 - 21:39:14

i probably should've been a little more clearer
in my original post.
basically, i shouldn't have
said "all negative"...
in other words, i have NO
problem with CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM when talking about
lisa and her work...but once it crosses the line and
becomes just plain disrespectful, that's where i feel the
need to take action.

for the record, the posts
and subsequent yahoo ID's that were deleted compared
lisa to a prostitute, which is totally uncalled

lisa may not have earned respect from everyone in this
club but she certainly hasn't earned anyone's

as previously stated, lisa occasionally frequents
this club...
since she already has to deal with
rude and obnoxious people (which comes with the
territory of being a nude playboy model), you'll have to
excuse me if i feel the need to delete the abusive and
disrespective comments.

raymond obviously knows nothing
about true "freedom of speech" because it doesn't exist
in reality...
you're kidding yourself if you
don't believe the media, the press, the internet, and
every other public forum is not ultimately controlled
and censored by someone or something.

if you
need a quick example, read yahoo's terms of service
under Member
<a href= target=new></a>

not truly "freedom of speech" if there are rules,

my ultimate point is this: i welcome contsructive
criticism but will not tolerate abusive, harassing, or
disrespective posts....period

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