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ID Number: 409
From: jrichins2000
Subject: A couple thoughts
Date: Thursday, September 13 2001 - 23:01:45

I'm certain what I have to say is echoed in the
minds and hearts of pretty much everyone who reads
this, and so I will try to keep it brief (although if
you've read many of my other posts, you may be skeptical
that I CAN be brief...)

There have been many
emotions swirling around within me since 9/11, including
shock and disbelief, anger, sorrow and mourning, and
pride and patriotism. When Pres. Bush, in his own
unique style of considered communication, affirms our
nations resolve, and vows to mete out justice over this
travesty, I am deeply stirred. When Secy Powell talks about
being very careful and deliberate in any retaliatory
military response, including, as always, taking every
precaution to PROTECT the innocent, even though those
innocents may not respect us, I am equally proud. When I
hear of the self-sacrifice and heroism of the people
and victims near to the attacks, or even, on board
the doomed planes, I am awestruck and grateful.
Everywhere near where I live, American flags flay at half
mast, and other incarnations of the Red, White, and
Blue can be seen. This may be another of Americas, as
well as the civilized world at large, finest

One of the characteristics of true heroism which I
think is most important for us to strive to maintain is
a sense of self-control. It is difficult to resist
the hysteria and sensationalism that is continuously
broadcast throughout the media. Less positive emotions than
those I mentioned can easily be stirred to life,
including blind rage and a desire for revenge. Reckless and
ill-considered words and actions are more likely now than they
were on 9/10. Case in point, the police in our area
have reported a 4-fold increase in bomb-scare hoaxes,
and sadly, crimes of hatred have been committed
against Arab-Americans.

Justice will be served in
due time. However, what good will justice be if not
tempered by mercy and compassion? This will become another
of civilizations finest hours if civilized people
can rise to a higher level of humanity, and not sink
into the depths of fanatical depravity.

I thank
everyone who has posted here in remembrance of the victims
and the tragedy. 7:00 P.M. Friday night, I hope every
can show your colors, light a candle, and observe a
moment of silence for the innocent who died because they
are free.

Those of us of a younger generation
have a legacy of honor and pride to live up to. Those
from generations before have left big shoes to fill. I
believe we will rise to the challenge, and exceed all

God Bless Freedom and America

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