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ID Number: 458
From: knight_106
Subject: Lisa Video Suggestion/Proposal?
Date: Tuesday, October 23 2001 - 09:17:44

This is just an idea I've always had so Im
putting it here for feedback hope thats ok?

wonder how hard and expensive it would be for her to
make her own video, something like what they do
already with Playboy where tshe just pose's wearing
really nice Lingerie/fantasy outfits? Alot of girls just
make their own videos not necessarily broadcast
quality and sell them to members for $30 or $40?

As I said I think most of us fans would settle for
anything on her as her video appearances are always so
Would you (Lisa) consider looking into making something
like this for us? The kind of video Im thinking about
is just similar to what we see in the playboy ones
(I really just like the glamour of it all) but
does'nt necessarily have to be in any exotic locations, a
white studio/room would be fine! I cant speak for
anyone else but I'd definatly like to see you in some
kind of video, thats just about you!
Also you could
add in what your thoughts are on the business and
where you want to go in the future, kinda like a video
diary since we're not all able to see you in person,
this would be something very nice indeed!!:)

Maybe you could do a Poll and find out how many of the
members to your site would actually want to purchase a
video like this if it existed and see how feasable it
is. Expense wise I dont think it'd take much at the
lowest end..perhaps a digital or S-vhs camera, Lingerie,
lights and a little time lol- thats a bit simplistic but
its a start;) I feel like Im always scrounging around
to find Lisa on any medium but to see her own video
would be the ULTIMATE..ideas/thoughts?


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