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ID Number: 474
From: writetoteddy
Subject: Re: Missing shots from M & B
Date: Thursday, November 08 2001 - 05:23:05

I would just like to add my agreement with the
message from Steve8690 and Boris before, about the odd
extra explicit shots that Lisa may not have known were
posted, or changed her mind about afterwards.I didn't see
them either.
However,as I said once before, I first
was attracted to Lisa when she was fully dressed,(not
that I don't enjoy her fully undressed !) in the
Corporate Ladder as Kyoko in a white cardigan and grey
skirt, secretary to Ben Cross.
I have always
respected her for the limits she has imposed on her
modelling - glamour as opposed to "porn" - but if Lisa
herself feels that once in a while, she would like to be
a little bit naughty in a nice way, for her loyal
fans who love her anyway, then I will still retain the
great respect I already have for her.

Well as
Lisa Marie reads our messages, perhaps we can ask -

"Would you like to tell us how you feel about this,
please Lisa ? I am sure we would all like to hear your
own feelings on the subject" (:

Cheers. Alan

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