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ID Number: 477
From: raymond756
Subject: Re: Long Message
Date: Saturday, November 10 2001 - 04:48:49

Pressed the 'post button' instead of canceling
the message. You are welcome to delete msg 490 if you
want to.

jrichins2000 (msg 489): jr

Raymond756: ray

Jr>> I think there are lots of
different Lisa Marie-related topics that loyal fans can and
have talked about.
Ray>> From the tone of
your post I guess that we violated the rules again. So
I am going to ask you to suggest some topics,
preferably some that can be freely and openly discussed.
But, If you feel the need, define the topics and what
can be discussed within those topics. Or a suggestion
is that this club should be moved over to MSN
Communities where there is an option to have a moderated
message board where a manager has to approve all messages
before they are posted. This will even cut out all the
spam that is posted.

Jr>> I don't think
anyone should worry about photos that might previously
have been on the net and aren't posted anymore. I
think it's pointless to speculate over whether Lisa had
anything to do with the "disappearance."
Ray>> I
never "worried" about them, personally I don't care
weather or not I ever see the pictures. But you are right
- it is pointless to speculate, if you are looking
for the facts. But this is gossip, and who does not
gossip - it's fun. Having a theoretical discussion about
any other topic that can't be proven is just as
pointless to me. But it is fun, you get to hear different
opinions, and you might learn something or two, or even
change your opinion about something. And in both cases
the discussion is over when somebody in authority
calls "time", you reach a stalemate, or once you have
the facts. Of course, this could have been prevented
by saying that this was off limits to discuss
(before it started) or giving us the

Jr>> If we're not careful, we might start implicating
a secret conspiracy to "scrub" the net of certain
types of images! I doubt there is anything so sinister.

Ray>> Well, I hope that all know that there are groups
of people that want to rid the net of all nudity and
anything else that might have to do with sex, but they
usually make themselves well known. And I would not doubt
that there are secret ones working towards the same
goal. I believe that by not reposting the pictures that
the net was "scrubbed" of certain types of images.
You're right "scrubbing" (i.e. censorship) is

Jr>> But, the collection of Lisa's modeling work is
hardly limited to what is currently published at
Ray>> So, what other stuff has she done
that is not on her website that we don't know about?

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